Feb 9, 2017: Lester, I'd like to inform you that Tangaroa has been sold and to request that you remove Tangaroa
from  the ''for sale''  list. Thank you for posting her on the Corbin site. Your site was the only place where I listed
Tangaroa for sale.  Many interested buyers contacted me from the Corbin site and the boat was sold less than 2
weeks after being posted.
Thank you for creating and maintaining the Corbin website . Guy Viger in Florida

April 24, 2014: Lester,  I am sorry to hear you're selling.  I hope this doesn't mean you'll stop being the center of the
Corbin Universe.  Your site, its information, and the connections between owners (and fans) was instrumental in
helping us decide to buy our Corbin. Toby Bell
      Reply: I will continue to direct the Owners Group and to operate the website. Lester Helmus

June 20, 2013 I sailed the boat home a bit over 70 nautical miles from LaSalle, Michigan to Lorain, Ohio on a reach.
Winds were 15-20 knots gusting past 25. Boat handled very well . Speed over 9 hours averaged 7.6 to 8.2 knots.  
Waves were 3-5 feet, boat was surfing down the waves! Not a bad first sail. Best Regards, Jeff Shutic S.V. Luff Shack

June 6, 2013  Hi Lester, This is to inform that Visitant has been sold.  We have had numerous inquiries since
posting on your (Corbin 39) website.  I believe that it was that posting,  reputation of the Corbin 39  boat, and the
quality of the Corbin 39 Owners website that resulted in this sale. Even though I no longer own a Corbin, I would like
to remain  part of the owners group. Cheers and thank you for your efforts and hard work with the Corbin Owners
website. Frank & June Bryant (s/v Visitant)

October 22, 2012  Dear Lester, Great Site! Found a wealth of information. Many thanks!  Tim Baggett, (s/v Brillo del

April 2, 2012  "Thank you very much for the work you do on the Corbin web site. Your efforts were a huge factor in
our decision to purchase the Corbin, Bad Agent."  Tracie Greven, (s/v Bad Agent), Hull 44.

August 28, 2006  We have just returned from a five=day trip down to NY State, finishing up at Henderson Harbor,
not far from Watertown. We went in company with friends on a Nicholson 39 ketch and returned to our own harbour
with a Rhodes 38 joining us. On the return trip we had broad reaching winds up to 20 knots and all the boats kept
fairly well together. We had one reef in the main and one in the yankee, with the staysail stay parked on the rail. The
Corbin was the fastest boat!  See
Corbin 39 Broad Reaching . David Salter (s/v Opportunity)

October 11, 2004 Hi Lester, Just saying hello from Peniche, Portugal. As proof that Corbins are not slow, I'm
sending a picture of Jakatar in its first regatta. I crossed the starting line last but soon overtook everyone except a
Beneteau First. A new bottom job didn't hurt either. See
Regatta in Portugal Cheers, Horatio (s/v Jakatar)

July 21, 2004  The Nautical Quarterly Review states," the Corbin 39 shows a good turn of speed upwind".                 
Corbin 39 Close Hauled in Light Winds (Note the flag)

Q29: How effective is the Monitor windvane when running in heavy seas?
A29: I am not sure where this should go, but I would like to talk about running in big seas with the Corbin. There is
tremendous buoyancy in the stern of a Corbin. The broad Norwegian stern gives one the sensation of an elevator
when running in big seas. You are not going to get pooped in a Corbin but it will throw weight to the bow which can
cause some tracking problems. You have to be fast on the helm to hold a safe line. The Monitor windvane has
proven to be just the ticket for us. It corrects very quickly. Our autopilot lets us yaw around more than I like. Richard
Bacon (s/v Balmacara) [from Australia]

In "Corbin 39 A Solid Offshore Cruiser" on the homepage, Terry Forsbrey the second owner of Stella, a Mark II
model that is one of the best looking and best-equipped Corbin kits ever finished said, "These boats sail well in light
airs," Foresbrey adds, " I find I can ghost along and pass many other more performance-oriented boats."

March 27, 2009: "Hi Lester, I have been surfing around your site quite a bit in the last few weeks.  You have a lot of
good information here and the FAQ list was very good!  I read about the Corbin initially on the Mahina Expedition
website, but would not have ever considered it seriously, were it not for your site." Bevan Daverne, Calgary, Alberta