Corbin Boats for Sale

(as of Feb 10, 2017)

Boat Name Model Price Location Owner Email Contact Pictures Specifications

Bockra PH-C $59000 US Messolonghi Marina, Greece Rejane, Helmy Bockra Pics Bockra Specs

Gisela PH-CC-K $75,000 US Lake Lanier, Georgia Stephan DeBlasio Gisela Pics Gisela Specs

Honah Lee II PH-C $80,000 US Montreal, Canada Denis Lauren Honah Lee Pics Honah Lee Specs

Insouciance PH-C $52,000 US or Napa Marina, Napa, CA Vincent Chang Kirby at 707.252.8011 Insouciance Pics Insouciance Specs


Tammie Norie PH-C $64,000 CND Toronto, Canada Jamie Lawrie Tammie Norie Pics Tammie Norie Specs

Urantia PH-CC-C $137,738 US Mediterranean coast, France Normand Bouchard Contact Broker Urantia Pics Urantia Specs Urantia Website

Lester Helmus and the Corbin 39 Owners Group are not responsible for any representations made by bowners in selling their boats. All claims made and all deals made are entirely the responsibility of the seller and the buyer.