Corbin Boats for Sale

(as of June 15, 2017)

Boat Name Model Price Location Owner Email Contact Pictures Specifications

Bockra PH-C $59,000 US Messolonghi Marina, Greece Rejane, Helmy Bockra Pics Bockra Specs

Gisela PH-CC-K $75,000 US Lake Lanier, Georgia Stephan DeBlasio Gisela Pics Gisela Specs

Honah Lee II PH-C $80,000 US Montreal, Canada Denis Lauren Honah Lee Pics Honah Lee Specs

Joint Effort PH-C $125,000 US Detroit, Michigan Gene and Irene Whitney Joint Effort Pics Joint Effort Specs

Urantia PH-CC-C $137,738 US Mediterranean coast, France Normand Bouchard Contact Broker Urantia Pics Urantia Specs Urantia Website

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