What's new with Insouciance?  Jan 24, 2017

I am here  for a Visa run from Bangkok. and staying here for a
week.      Rangoon is on the water and a busy port.     I went
to a personnel agency and told them I am looking for a seaman
with carpentry skills.  The idea is to get him a crewman's Visa
and  bring him to USA.  He can rebuild the interior cheap and
Insouciance back to Asia via Hawaii.   I can meet him there
and set up some charters etc.,  or people can pay for legs to  
Philipines, Thailand, etc. and get interior redone  while
underway.     Did you get the  photo of the new spinnaker?    I
am becoming expert at rebuilding Corbins cheap.   My new
sideline.    Sails from china and interiors from Burma.     The
rest Cree can do at Berkeley Boatyard or at my new guy in
Napa yard.     
 "The Rebuilt Corbin 39  by Vince".      red sails
my trademark  white hull and  blue trim.   Red, white and blue.
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