Corbin 39
Owners Group
We  are a  non-profit association dedicated to the purpose of disseminating information
about the 39' Corbin sailboats and their owners to the public and to each other.
Insouciance, a pilothouse cutter, on a broad reach with one reef in her mainsail,
heads for the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay.
Inspecting Standing Rigging
a report by BoatU.S. Seaworthy magazine
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Over half of the two hundred Corbins that were built are registered with this Club. They are located all over
the world and their owners are in close contact with each other via this website. During the past twelve
years, owners have shared their experiences of maintenance, upgrades, and sailing.
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Theresa Vincent
A beautiful Corbin, finished professionally by the Corbin builder.
A Corbin 39 From a Bare Hull
by Don Davies
(May-June 2011, Good Old Boat Magazine)
Corbin 39 vs Pacific Seacraft 40 vs Valiant 40
by Ted Brewer
(May-June 2011, Good Old Boat Magazine)
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