What's new with Insouciance?  Jan 2, 2017

boat is at the napa yard and  they are working on it.   New
alternator from volvo.  It was not charging properly.    as well
as  mechanical fuel pump which was also kaput.   got  there
with electrical pump only.    Battery bank went  dry when  I
was motoring around  s.f. bay at nite with running lites on.      
but then  dead battery had to charge back up with  shore
power and  electric line.      I will install a  wind mill for back up
battery charge and maybe some  solar panels on a arch above
the  pilot seat.    that will provide three  electical back ups   for
when I get the  electric   auto pilot  etc.      all lighting on  led.  
so  small drain there.       I wanna get boat ready for a  
transpac to hawaii.  the  delivery captain said he could do for
13000  dollars.   unless you know someone who can do for
less.   maybe  summertime.?       I will take boat to kona  yard
and finish the boat interior  with japanese style   tatami
interior.    Vince.
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